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Phobias of Loving Somebody? These are The List of Unique Phobias Ever!

Phobias are terms used for extreme fear of something. Phobias of flying, height, or being in a closed room are commonly found phobias.

But the phobia does not always happen when faced with a sinister object, phobia against something common and can be found everyday can also happen.

These are summarized list from various sources, of 5 unique phobias in the world:

1. Fear of working

The condition often referred to as ergophobia is an unnatural fear of work or work environment. This type of phobia is generally a combination of the fear of some things, including fear of failing to do the task, fear of public speaking, fear of socializing and fear of experiencing mental stress due to the situation in the work environment.

2. Fear of cheese

For those who are phobias of cheese, or what is often referred to as turophobia, this snack actually scared him half to death. Some people with turophobia are afraid of some types of cheese, but others are afraid of all kinds of cheese.

3. Fear of bathin…
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Many people take time off to rest during Christmas and New Year holidays. When the holiday season, some women can not control their food that causes weight gain after the holiday is over. Besides, the food consumed is also poorly maintained.

Fried and sugary foods are the main menu sought during the holidays. Unhealthy food with little known nutrients is one of the causes of stress and depression. It was mentioned in a recent study published in The British Journal of Psychiatry. British and French epidemiologists have analyzed the diet and mood of 3,486 male and female participants.

"There is a close relationship between types of food with symptoms of depression," said Tasnime Akbaraly.

Therefore, reduce excessive consumption even in the holidays. Here's the trick to keep eating healthy so that the scales do not go up and control the food during the holiday season.

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